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using cpshop filters



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using cpshop filters

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using cpshop filters

The most powerful (and the most complicated) addition to cpshop is filters. Filters allow you to limit the products displayed in a store based on certain criteria, and are inserted as if they were store IDs.

Let's say you have 3 designs, each with its own store ID:

  • catid
  • dogid
  • fishid
Instead of displaying your products divided by design, you might want to mix your designs together, and divide the products up by type instead:
  • shirts and sweatshirts
  • mugs
  • everything else
To accomplish that layout, here's what you would enter in the store ID fields on the admin screen:
  • Shirts & Sweatshirts
    catid.all,dogid.all,fishid.all,cpfilter_name:shirt, cpfilter_name:tank+top
  • Mugs
  • Everything Else
    catid.all,dogid.all,fishid.all,cpfilter_name:-shirt, cpfilter_name:-mug,cpfilter_name:-tank+top
This, of course, assumes that you actually have terms like "shirt" and "mug" in the names of your products.

There are several types of filters you can use:

  • cpfilter_name:[term to match]
    • shows products that include the matched term
    • case-insensitive
    • terms can be combined
    • use + to represent spaces
    • use ~word~ to match a whole term (cpfilter_name:~mug~ will match "large mug" but not "muggy" or "smug")
    • place a - before the term to limit to products that don't match that term (cpfilter_name:-shirt)

  • cpfilter_cost:[price to match]
    cpfilter_cost:14.99 (products that cost 14.99)
    cpfilter_cost:~14.99 (products that cost up to 14.99)
    cpfilter_cost:14.99~ (products that cost 14.99 and up)
    • cost filters can be combined with non-cost filters
    • cost filters cannot be combined with other cost filters

  • cpfilter_type:[producttypenumber]
    cpfilter_type:7 (only ash grey t-shirts)
    cpfilter_type:15, cpfilter_type:80 (only boxer shorts and thongs)
    • available type numbers can be found here
    • type filters can be combined with non-type filters
    • type filters can be combined with other type filters

  • cpfilter_newest:[number of most recent products to show]
    cpfilter_newest:15 (shows the 15 most recently added products)
    • newest filters can be combined with non-newest filters
    • newest filters cannot be combined with other newest filters

  • cpfilter_sort:[sort criteria]
    cpfilter_sort:productname (sort by name)
    cpfilter_sort:productcostup (cheapest at top)
    cpfilter_sort:productcostdown (most expensive at top)
    cpfilter_sort:storeid (by store ID, for multiple-store-ID stores)
    cpfilter_sort:old2new (oldest first)
    cpfilter_sort:new2old (newest first)
    • sort filters override default product thumbnail sort method
    • sort filters can be combined with non-sort filters
    • sort filters cannot be combined with other sort filters

  • cpfilter_template:[filename]
    • sets a customized template for a specific store and all of its products
    • file must end in one of the following extensions: .htm, .html, .txt, .tmpl, .tpl, .template
    • filename root is the cpshop directory
    • filename can include sub-directories (i.e. templates/template1.txt)
    • filename cannot include multiple dots in succession (i.e. ../filename.html)
    • template filters can be combined with non-template filters
    • template filters cannot be combined with other template filters

  • cpfilter_template:[columns]
    • forces display to specified number of columns
    • overrides admin setting
    • columns filters can be combined with non-columns filters
    • columns filters cannot be combined with other columns filters

  • cpfilter_rowsperpage:[rows]
    • forces page numbers if more than specified number of rows are necessary
    • overrides admin setting
    • rowsperpage filters can be combined with non-rowsperpage filters
    • rowsperpage filters cannot be combined with other rowsperpage filters

  • cpfilter_literal
    cpfilter_literal (displayed as is, with no parameters)
    example: if you entered store1/123,store2/456,store3/678,cpfilter_literal as an entry, the store would display three thumbnails, linking to each of those three entries individually, instead of combining their contents into one large section
    • forces display of entered sections instead of processing
    • can only be used in conjunction with premium shop sections
    • can not be combined with basic shops and premium shop main pages

  • cpfilter_inherit
    cpfilter_inherit (displayed as is, with no parameters)
    • causes filters to persist throughout subsections
    • common usage: use mystoreid,cpfilter_inherit,cpfilter_columns:2 to display every thumbnail page in a store with 2 columns (not just the first page)

  • cpfilter_killsection:[section number to kill]
    • prevents a particular subsection from being displayed
    • if the subsection to be killed is below the top level, then must be used with cpfilter_inherit
    • can be entered multiple times to block multiple subsections

Using the three fake example store IDs above, here are some more examples:
  • Newest 5 Small Mugs, Newest Mugs First
    catid.all,dogid.all,fishid.all, cpfilter_name:mug, cpfilter_name:-large, cpfilter_newest:5, cpfilter_sort:new2old
  • Headwear Under $17
    catid.all,dogid.all,fishid.all, cpfilter_name:~cap~, cpfilter_name:~hat~, cpfilter_name:~visor~, cpfilter_cost:~16.99
  • Only Products With "Cat" In The Name
    catid.all,dogid.all,fishid.all, cpfilter_name:~cat~
  • 15 Newest Items In Alphabetical Order
    catid.all,dogid.all,fishid.all, cpfilter_newest:15, cpfilter_sort:productname